The Stasuik Story

We know consulting and construction businesses.
In fact, our firm provides insight into how finances can improve your business.

At Stasuik, we have discovered a better way to use financial information to support your business. Our easy-to-use system is a logical way to help businesses achieve their goals in real life. We focus on building profits for consulting and construction businesses to help owners achieve their dreams.

Our Founding

Stasuik was founded in 2001 by Christopher Stasuik to offer a fusion of accounting, bookkeeping and consulting advice to our customers. Our concept is to promote a complete financial department offering that enables owners to focus on running their business while being supported with proper financial advice.

It was a humble beginning; we ran our business out of a relatively small basement home-office, affectionately nicknamed “the dungeon.” We sure spent a lot of time working in the dungeon for the first couple of years. As our business grew, we escaped into a proper office space – hurray!

The System is Broken, not You!

Wow! Throughout the years, experts have watched companies relying only on current bookkeeping and accounting processes fail. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 20% of businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in 5 years and 70% in 10 years. 

Fight the statistics. Don’t only rely on traditional bookkeeping and accounting processes to save your business. Avoid the heartbreak of watching your business fail because of the system!

We want our customers to succeed. For this reason, we provide customers with consistent, professional financial advice and proven techniques to manage their business. Using modern thought processes proven to work ensures your business thrives.

Our Dragon Logo

Picture a black dragon soaring high above a red sun. Our color choice relates back to the famous financial phrases “In the red” and “In the black.” These phrases describe old financial customs whereby bookkeepers record losses and debt in the color red, and black ink was used to show profitability.

We like to imagine clerks in Charles Dickens’ times saying, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” scribbling away in their ledgers with pots of red and black ink at the ready. It is a romantic image, at least in our minds.

Our black dragon represents profitability, while the red sun is a reminder to always be on guard against losses and debt. By using modern business processes to breathe life into ideas drawn from the roots of accounting, we help businesses meet their financial obligations and build their wealth.

Our logo reminds us that vigilance and correct strategies are needed at all times to avoid being burnt by financial losses.

Celebrating 20 Years of Business

Thank you to our customers, for without your support over the years our journey would have ended. Our firm has evolved to focus on resolving the challenges and problems unique to consultants and construction firms.

Using our unique skill set in the industries of consulting and construction has been very rewarding. We are committed to helping our customers’ businesses thrive during both difficult and trouble-free times.

How our Services can Help your Business.