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Our blog is focused on providing small businesses with articles that inform in an entertaining way. The aim is to provide insights into how our firm helps small businesses manage their tax, accounting, and business issues. In addition, we will be highlighting key issues that small businesses should be aware of … If you would like help improving your business please give us a call. Happy reading!

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HST Kills Businesses. Save Yours Now!

HST is a special tax that is added to the price of goods and services. This tax must be paid to the government whenever someone sells a good or service. … continue reading ›

Episode 5: A Charity Dinner Romance

Shamus was attending his favorite charity’s gala dinner. He always enjoyed the event and had been attending for years. As Shamus’ life had improved, and his father’s guiding principle that … continue reading ›

Episode 4: The Emergency

Shamus stared out of his office window. The sun had risen and rays of light sparkled off the windows. It was a cheerfully, wonderful, sunny day… except for the pillar … continue reading ›

Episode 3: Start-up Reflections

Wow, this sudden rainstorm called for a change of plans. As Shamus got into the cab, a wild gust of wind slammed the door shut. Fortunately, the cab was clean … continue reading ›

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