Our Philosophy

The Stasuik & Associates’ approach always begins with listening to your concerns and goals. After your requirements are understood, we present solutions that will best help you achieve your goals. For example, if your business requires minimal ongoing professional assistance then our ‘Basic’ professional package (The Silver Bullet) would be recommended instead of our more comprehensive plans.

Balancing risk, success, responsibility, and the big picture.

If you prefer a more comprehensive plan, our integrated planning approach begins by taking the time to understand your business goals, and how these goals drive your accounting and taxation requirements. It is from this in-depth understanding that we are able to design a personalized plan to address your concerns. Your customized plan ensures that your concerns are addressed in a timely and comprehensive manner which improves your financial position through relevant, proactive advice.

The Firm’s View on Risk

We take a fairly conservative approach that emphasizes preservation of wealth and risk control. It is for clients that strive to minimize their risk exposure while maintaining a solid rate of return. Constant reassessments and adjustments are made to our clients’ customized plans to manage the rapid financial changes the world is experiencing. To this end, our firm and staff believe that we need to focus on risk areas that affect their big picture and that we must always uphold strict ethical standards to protect our clients interests.

Professional Service

Our consulting services are focused around achieving the following three objectives:

  1. Help You Implement a Proven Financial System.
  2. Increase Your Financial Knowledge.
  3. Offer Insightful Strategies and Guidance to Help Reach Your Goals.

For more information and/or assistance, one of our sales representatives would be happy to assist you select the best approach for your business.