Unlock The True Potential Of Your Business With A Great Business Plan From Stasuik & Associates

Invest your time and money wisely. Turn your dreams into reality with a professionally prepared business plan. Reduce your risk and uncertainty, protect yourself from bad business ideas, and eliminate out-dated strategies by calling us now for help with:

  • Business Feasibility Reports (Idea Assessments)
  • Start-Up Strategies and Guidance for Newly Created Businesses
  • Growth and Profitability Strategies
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Your Business Deserves the Benefits of Working with Professionals

Leverage Our Experience

We have been serving the Ottawa area for decades. Over this time, we have acquired in-depth expertise across a wide range of industries, and are able to match appropriate strategies to your business needs. We know exactly what it takes to succeed.

Get Funded

Decades of experience in the accounting and finance fields means that our firm prepares the financial projections expected by bankers and investors. Greatly enhance your funding options with professional projections.

Achieve Your Dreams

Our collaborative approach tailors your business plan to your goals. We won’t sell you a template plan filled with unnecessary information. Our focus is on providing relevant content to give your business the competitive edge it needs in today’s world.

Save Valuable Time

Business plans are complex documents. We can guide you throughout the entire development process. Why spend hundreds of hours trying to learn how to build a winning business plan, when we can do it for you?

No Egghead Policy

Our ‘No Egghead Policy’ ensures the quality of our business plans. The only MBAs or PHDs that will be working on your business plan are experts with real knowledge of the working world.

Plan For Success

Plan for success. Know how to focus your time, money, and resources effectively on your business. Our plans help you to direct your resources effectively to achieve your goals.


What is the Value of the Right Business Plan?

Many business owners waste their money on bad business ideas and squander their time on the wrong activities. Before risking your time on a new business, or if you are planning an expansion, make sure that the business has the potential to succeed. The value of a good business plan is to protect your life savings, weed out bad business ideas, and to focus your time on the right activities.

Our Three Point Value Creation System

Our three point value creation system has a proven track record of providing clients with an understandable, value-added business plan that will help achieve your dreams.

  • Our collaborative approach is used to integrate our consulting group’s experiences into your business plan. As part of this process, we are able to provide advice on whether or not your business goals are achievable, develop the proper strategy to support those goals, and deliver actionable plans that can be used to accomplish your dreams.
  • Our financial projections are prepared by professional accountants. In addition, we test your projections with our network of active Bankers and Investors. We incorporate their feedback to ensure that the projections are attractive and viable.
  • Ongoing assistance is available to continue your successful momentum. For example, we can provide accounting, bookkeeping, and other management consulting services as required.

Our Business Plan Services Help Three Distinct Groups

People Wanting to Start a New Business

Do you have a good idea? We can help you turn it into a successful business.

  • Discover if your business has the potential to succeed
  • Determine the strategy that works best for your business
  • Obtain actionable steps to make your idea come to life
Start-ups in the Early Stages of Operations

Have you started a business, but want to know how to take it to the next level? We can help.

  • Find solutions to your start-up issues
  • Learn to manage your operations efficiently and effectively
  • Develop your business
Established and Growing Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Are you looking to expand your established business? Increase profitability? We can help maximize your chances of success.

  • Gain insight into the right way to expand your business
  • Obtain practical financial projections
  • Manage your risks

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Call now to arrange a Free one hour Business Plan Consultation 1 855 234 0655

The Stasuik Difference – Why Choose Us?

Collaborative Approach

At Stasuik & Associates, our collaborative approach creates a plan that is greater than the sum of its parts. We utilize the knowledge and experience of active bankers, investors, technology experts, and our network of seasoned professionals to forge a business plan that is both understandable and actionable.

  • Our integrated approach combines the insight of our experienced group to cover all aspects of your business
  • Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your business

Strategic Tax Planning

Don’t forget tax planning. Tax planning is often forgotten in a typical business plan, and this prevents a business from getting off to a proper start. We incorporate tax planning to help you maximize your return on investment.

  • Understand how to get money out of your business
  • Use our framework to keep compliant with the tax reporting requirements
  • Consider using the often overlooked Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) program
  • Leverage tax credits right from the beginning to help fund your business

Strategic Technology Planning

Technology is everywhere. If technology is not properly handled it can destroy a business, which is why we specifically address the use of technology in our business plans. Technology planning is important to help you select the correct tools to support your business strategies.

  • Incorporate the benefits of cloud technology to manage and communicate with virtual office workers
  • Protect the privacy of your information and share it safely with clients
  • Investigate whether or not outsourcing opportunities can help your business

Our Visual Planning Approach

People often understand pictures better than words. We use visual aids in our process to improve the business plan writing experience. Given that business plans are complicated documents, good visuals make these plans easier for everyone to understand, and make them more compelling. Use our visuals to help achieve your goals.

What Our Clients Have To Say

client testimonial

client testimonial

client testimonial

client testimonial

Call now to arrange a Free one hour Business Plan Consultation 1 855 234 0655
Client Without Guidance The Stasuik Impact
New Construction Business Business lacked direction and its risks were not properly identified Business plan provided the required direction and risk exposure was limited. Now making more than $100,000/year in revenue
Technology Start-up Could not obtain funding, approaching bankruptcy Business plan led to an investment of $200,000 in start-up capital
Manufacturing Company Business growth stagnant, having difficulty expanding, and business was not profitable Business plan led to 10% growth per year over the last 5 years, and profit margins increased by 20%

Your Professional Team


All of our consultants are experienced professionals. Their knowledge and expertise covers a wide range of industries, giving them the ability to craft successful business plans. Our unique insight, generated from our combined decades of helping clients, ensures that our business plans are tailored to your goals.


We ensure that unproven theories do not corrupt your business plan. We are focused on providing you with workable solutions that you can easily apply in the real world, and are financially realistic.


We are committed to providing you with an understandable and actionable plan that has been prepared and tested by our experienced consulting group.

The Stasuik Formula For Your Business Success

We Put Our Clients First

It is your business plan. We are focused on supporting your business with our three point value creation system. Benefit from leveraging our experience to achieve your dreams and to protect your life savings.

Passionate And Professional

Our experts are passionate about providing clients with winning business plans. We take pride in writing plans that are easy to understand.

Having the right plan, created by the right people, propels our clients to success.

Passionate And Professional

Our experts are passionate about providing clients with winning business plans. We take pride in writing plans that are easy to understand.

Having the right plan, created by the right people, propels our clients to success.