Episode 2: Even Leprechauns Need a Good Business Advisor

Shamus walked into O’Leary’s, a bright and cheery pub. He spotted his business advisor, Daemarth, in their corner meeting booth. They both liked this pub; it was run by a small business owner and the staff was always friendly and engaging. Daemarth smiled and waved him forward. As Shamus approached the booth, his advisor greeted him warmly and pointed to the two pints of stout that their waitress, Jennifer, had placed on coasters for them.

After some friendly banter between themselves, they began their meeting. As suggested by Daemarth, they followed an agreed-upon agenda. Shamus now believed in the power of their business meetings. He actually enjoyed them. They met once a month unless something urgent arose to discuss the various issues that his business encountered. Shamus appreciated having a trusted confidante that helped guide his growing business. In addition, he found that he could actually remember the important issues that arose, in detail, instead of trying to recall forgotten events that happened months ago. Solving issues in a timely fashion was a good thing.

During the note taking wrap-up phase of the meeting, Daemarth noticed that Shamus was lost in thought. So the advisor asked what Shamus was thinking about. Jogged back to reality, Shamus murmured “Well, ah, hmm…,” and then blurted out, “What do you make of the news running around about Droch?” Daemarth, cautiously, checked for eavesdroppers, then looked intently at Shamus and said, “It sure has the community scared, and our firm is getting lots of calls on how to protect gold from vanishing.” A slightly shaken Shamus simply said, “I just don’t understand how his gold vanished. I don’t want it to happen to my fortune.” Unfortunately, Daemarth had to leave for his next appointment, but they agreed to discuss Droch at their next meeting.

When it came time to settle the tab, Shamus quickly intercepted the cheque before Daemarth could object. So, Daemarth politely thanked Shamus and gently reminded him to save the receipt for the bookkeeper. Shamus laughed pleasantly, and said, “Keep reminding me, I have almost mastered the receipt-gathering concept.” “Remember,” said Daemarth, “watch your nickels and the dollars will keep care of themselves!’” Shamus never really understood this saying, but following this advice was really helping his business. It seems as though everyone in the company was conscious of the value of money, and he recalled a sales representative challenging the development teams request for a progress party by saying, “How can we have a party when we have not met our sales targets?” The rest of the staff voted ‘no party until it could be properly afforded.’ The whole company sure enjoyed the party when it occurred.

Just as Daemarth opened the pub door to leave, Elizabeth, a vibrant and up-and-coming business personality, stepped through the door. She stopped and said something to Daemarth, then introduced him to her friends. Shamus wondered how many people his advisor knew; he was constantly bumping into people he knew everywhere they went. Daemarth, grinned, pointed out Shamus to Elizabeth and then left.

Elizabeth, crossed over to where Shamus was sitting and unexpectedly hugged him, whispered softly, “Nice to see you again” … finished with a cryptic, “we should talk” … then quickly left to rejoin her friends. Her perfume lingered. Well, Shamus was pleasantly surprised.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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